In 1982, Muriel Ellis, the former Brigade Archivist, started the Boys’ Brigade Badge Collectors’ Newsletter. Gradually a Collectors’ Club was developed, for those interested in Brigade memorabilia and history.

By January 2016 it became apparent that, rather than simply collecting items, people were more interested in the rich, valuable heritage of the Brigade, preserving our irreplaceable historical material, and learning lessons from the past, so as to inform the present work of the BB and to help shape its future. Accordingly, the Boys’ Brigade Heritage Society was formed. There are now over a hundred members around the world with extensive and wide-ranging expertise, and huge experience of the work of the BB. In 2021 we changed to become The Boys’ Brigade Archive Members Association.

We actively engage in research, digitising and preserving records and documents, producing articles for magazines, and providing answers to questions posed by individuals and institutions. We attempt to locate and preserve material relevant to our heritage, and which can be used for future generations. We hold auctions of memorabilia, with proceeds donated to charity, and significant amounts have been raised as a result. The Society puts on displays and presentations, thereby raising the profile of the Brigade and informing others of our work. We design anniversary badges for Companies, and secure their production, which is  a means of fund raising for the Companies. We can help and advise individuals, Companies or Battalions with preserving, cataloguing and digitising their records.

Members receive a quarterly newsletter and have an annual members’ badge. New members are always welcome. For More Information please click How To Join.

If you are already a member of the society but do not yet have a login please Contact Us and we'll arrange for one to be created.

If you are not a member please download and fill in the below application form.

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